DesignRed was created in 2000 as the natural confluence of my life as an artist, and passion for the fine and decorative arts. The full spectrum of creative expression is my playground…eighteenth century wallpapers, vintage comics, patinas on forged iron…any surface or pattern can inform the “New'“, the “Next”. 

I love the collaborative dialogue that can emerge from mere whispers of ideas…a photo, a memory of something seen, an evocative detail…nurtured with creative thought and historical context. Made real. I’m lucky to be able to do what I love:  to create beauty, to communicate context, surface, and craftsmanship, to forge a unique visual experience. 

Our projects have appeared in: Elle Decor, British House and Garden, Antiques Magazine, Traditional Home, The Chicago Tribune, and Luxe Magazine.

“Bill’s technical expertise is remarkable enough, but his collaborative spirit and exceptional taste lift his projects beyond the expectation of clients and designers. Call him.” —Jim Luigs, Luigs Design

“Bill brought a level of artistry, talent, sensitivity, and insight to this wonderful historical space that we couldn’t even dream of. The great care, thoughtfulness, and determination…were in every brushstroke he applied”

—Gary Shiro, Founding Executive Director, Hudson Opera House